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The Kashiwa kiln gets ingredients from nature. We blend and bake them slowly overnight as biscuit firing and three days as glost firing, and cool them down. 

As a characteristic of our company, we can see uneven firing, uneven color and distortion on our products. 

“I don’t like well-decorated pottery”
" Difference of each product is interesting" 
"There are individual differences and it feels special"
"Even though the industry is different, I like the atmosphere, so I want you to make original products with pottery."

If you think so, please feel free to contact us.

It doesn't matter if it's a sketch or words of what you have in your mind.
If you tell us, we will be able to repeat the prototype many times and help you make your original product.

"We want to continue selling what we've spent years building for decades."
I hope you can sympathize with such an idea.

スクリーンショット (325).png

Red clay and glaze of the Kashiwa kiln

The soil in the Kashiwa kiln is weak. It is distorted by the time it is completed.
This is the soil composition that has the best atmosphere that our predecessors tried soil composition many times.
This subtle distortion gives you a feeling of warmth like a freehand line.

The glaze of the Kashiwa kiln is uneven. Even if we put potteries in the same kiln, they look different depending on the way how the flame hits.
It is a texture created by the compatibility of red clay and glaze.

We believe that it is important for us to continue to preserve the combination of soil and glaze.



First of all, you can visit our gallery to see our products and expand your image.
After that, we can have a meeting in order to hear your image.

Prototypes and plaster molds are made from your sketches and drawings.
The color and atmosphere change completely depending on our two kinds of soil,
Even if the same relief is used, the contrasting density appears completely different depending on the glaze.

We make several fabrics with plaster molds, and then complete the trial production of glazes and painting over and over again.



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